Tuesday 11 December 2018

What are the Key Security Systems in Taxis?

Any private Leeds taxi should maintain rigorous safety checks on their vehicles. So what are some of the most commonly found? Let's start with the Leeds Airport Taxi tyres. They are the main active safety system, because they are the only point of contact between the road and the car. Their evolution has been constant within the taxi company in Leeds, to offer more and more grip regardless of the situation of the road or the weather, to offer shorter braking distances and maximum stability in curves.

Another safety system is anti-lock braking or ABS. Its purpose is basically to prevent the tyres from skidding during sudden braking. Without them, by slowing down you would skate and therefore have a possible accident. The ABS releases pressure from the braking system when it detects that the wheels are suffering excessive slippage.

Another important system with a Private Hire Taxi Leeds is the assistance to emergency braking or BAS. It is a system that works with ABS and is a system that when it detects an emergency brake, performs the necessary calculations to exercise maximum braking power at all times. When activated, the brake lights come on intermittently.

Power steering is another security system featured in any respectable, local hire company. It seems to be a system for our comfort when it comes to driving, but its main function is to increase safety and increase accuracy in high-speed turns.

The next system with a local taxi hire Leeds is the traction control or TCS, which is a system that works so that the driving wheels are always in contact with the road (that is, they never skate). They come into action when we start on slippery slopes or in any situation where we need traction.

Finally, we are going to talk about the active suspension which is in charge of wheel damping, managing and controlling it. What it does is maximise the contact of the tyres with the road, improving stability and grip.

The importance of the vehicle's contact with the roadway means that there are many systems dedicated to this purpose.

Of course, in addition to all this from a Leeds Airport taxi, we offer you the security that the professionalism of our drivers provides. We will tell you improvements in the safety of the vehicles, because the most important thing on the road is you.

Tuesday 12 June 2018

What are the Advantages of Being Taken by Taxi?

Requesting a taxi with is very simple because most switchboards work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, you can now order a taxi using the free apps and a Speed line, that will offer multiple advantages. Furthermore, we tell you all the advantages of having a Leeds Airport Taxi take  you on your next trip.


Forget about parking, traffic jams, fines and delays. With licensed taxi rental services, you will have a quiet trip and you will arrive at your destination in the shortest time possible, avoiding unnecessary conflicts.


We know that your time is important, so with a GPS system, the Airport Taxi Services in Leeds can locate the taxi closest to you. In this way, your wait will be minimal.


Are you drinking or tired? Do not risk it! A private Hire Taxi Leeds takes you to your destination so you do not have to worry about it.


As we have mentioned before, you can book a Leeds taxi in advance in the most comfortable way. Calling with a click on the web or downloading the app, because they will always be happy to assist you. You just have to tell them the airport, place and the time, and there they will be.

We adapt to you

Do you need an adapted vehicle? Do you want to travel with your pet? A private taxi adjusts to your needs. They will have a large fleet of vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility.

At Radio Taxi Valencia we have more than 1000 taxis at your service for the Valencia area, with the intention of serving a greater number of customers.

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Why Getting a Taxi to the Leeds Airport is the Best Solution?

Going on holiday can be a life changing experience. For many of us embarking on an adventure can be exciting and at times equally nerve racking! 

If you are thinking of ways to remove some of the pressure and worry you may experience then I have a key tip that is very simple...take a licensed Leeds airport taxi! Yes this is what I would recommend to you to make your trip easier and more enjoyable. 

Firstly, with an airport transfer, you can be delivered door to door to your correct terminal, 24 hours a day and avoid any confusion. Secondly you do not have to leave your car in an expensive car park, with the worry of having to find your vehicle when you return, jet lagged and exhausted. Simply call their speed line and arrange it hassle-free.

If you use a reliable private taxi hire in Leeds, they will transport you in good time and be economical within the journey, knowing the easiest, fastest route. Another factor to consider is that you don’t have to ask for a lift, which may be at an unsociable time of day. 

Your holiday can literally start from when you leave your home...sit back and relax and let your taxi company in Leeds do their job!  

Thursday 25 January 2018

Why Fixed Leeds Taxis Fares are Fairer

Fixed fares are the way forward, and our fully licensed rental services bear testament to this. Taxis in Leeds need not be pricey - so here we explain just why fixed fares are so beneficial if you need an airport taxi hire.

It’s taken as a given that the cost of Leeds Airport Taxi services are extortionate at best. This is why you should always research those companies who provide a 24 hour, fixed rate to the airport, according to which all journeys from the airport to the city centre and vice versa have a fixed cost, regardless of delays, bad traffic or diversions.

It has been proven time and again to have multiple advantages. The main reason to implement the fixed rate of private taxis to the airport from Leeds centre, is to give guarantees and security to the user, since for years, many taxi drivers have mistreated the image of their groups by committing irregularities with excessive and unjustified fares, especially to foreigners. With a fixed airport transfer price, there is no room for deception, also benefiting the image of Leeds as a forerunner for healthy tourism.

In addition, those people who live far from the airport are guaranteed to take a safe, fast and convenient means of transport, at a competitive price. This also favours the increase in the number of taxi users going to the airport instead of taking buses or a metro, which also has an added cost. So remember, next time you require a taxi company in Leeds, be sure they offer a fixed fare.