Thursday 24 December 2020

Is travelling by taxi safer than using public transport during Covid?

In short – yes! We’ve all seen the images shared in the news and on social media that show people crammed into trains or on buses in busy cities such as London and Leeds. It can be impossible to socially distance and you’re exposed to dozens of people who may or may not have the virus – many of whom don’t wear face masks.

With a private hire taxi in Leeds you can carry out essential journeys in a far more secure environment. Your driver will wear a mask and will insist you do too for the safety of both parties. And there will be no strangers travelling with you. If it makes you feel safer, you can sanitise your hands before and after the journey and you can even wipe down the seatbelt. But be assured that all our drivers are following government guidelines for cleanliness.

We’re all being told to stay inside but some journeys can’t be avoided. For safe travel during the pandemic we’re your best bet for local taxi hire Leeds. Pre-book or just call when you need us. The choice is yours.

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Stay safe by using a taxi this party season

Looking for a taxi company in Leeds this Christmas? With lockdown being lifted over the Christmas period, everyone is looking forward to seeing loved ones to try to make the most of Christmas 2020. But with it limited to just 4 days, nobody wants to be designated driver do they? With a pre-ordered taxi you can enjoy the festive season safely and without worrying about how you’ll be getting home. Or if you find yourself tempted to join in the festivities with a glass of wine or can of beer, you can call us to provide a an at short notice. Just remember to jot down our number so you don’t get left stranded.

We wish all our customers a happy and safe Christmas and look forward to chauffeuring you around Leeds again when the world goes back to normal. But for the time being, we’re here to help make Christmas a great end to a difficult year for everyone.

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Stay Safe Ditch the Bus and take a Taxi

Social distancing is one of the phrases that will define 2020, but so will the memory of keeping calm and carrying on – such as getting back to doing the things we like to do and the things we need to do.

For many of those things it’s necessary to use public transport for ease, speed or practicality. But many people are naturally concerned about using trains and buses due to the increase chances of coming into contact with Covid-19. To avoid unnecessary contact with others, take a taxi instead. It’s more comfortable, quicker and reduces your contact with others. Plus, you can be certain your driver will be wearing a mask, so you need not be near anybody who is flouting the rules around face coverings.

For private taxi hire in Leeds, Speedline is your number one choice for safety and comfort. Whether you need local taxi hire in Leeds or a Leeds Airport taxi, you can prebook to travel at your convenience in safety and style. 

Monday 20 July 2020

How a taxi can help you nail a job interview?

It might sound strange, but pre-booking a taxi can help you when planning for a job interview in the same way as all the other small steps you take such as getting your hair cut, polishing your shoes and getting an early night before your big day. When you leave your house you’ll be freshly showered, looking sharp and smelling of your favourite perfume or aftershave. And you want to arrive at your interview in the same way. Driving can get you all het up and sweaty, and public transport is fraught with too many potential disasters to mention; delays, no space to think or relax, and another passenger spilling their coffee all over you’re freshly ironed shirt, to name but a few. Wouldn’t you rather arrive stress-free, in air-conditioned comfort and driven by someone else? 

Speedline is your best choice for a taxi company in Leeds. We’re open 24/7 and you can pre book a Leeds airport taxi or a local taxi to take you anywhere, such as that all-important interview. To pre book your taxi, call us on (0113) 244-1-444 or visit

Tuesday 9 June 2020

At Speedline we offer a 24/7 Leeds airport taxi

Enjoy your flight to Leeds safe in the knowledge your onward journey is booked

There’s nothing worse than getting off a plane and then having the hassle of being transported back to your car, loading it up and hitting the road when you’re probably tired and definitely not in the mood for driving.

At Speedline, we offer a 24/7 Leeds airport taxi service so you can enjoy your flight knowing your private taxi hire in Leeds is booked to pick you up from arrivals and make your onward journey smooth and convenient.

That leaves you to relax on your flight to Leeds and have a drink or a nap.

And, of course, we offer the same service on the way to the airport. Why put yourself through the stress of booking and paying for airport parking and then waiting around for that bus in all weathers when you can arrive at departures in comfort and on time?

For a no-obligation quote or to book your private hire taxi today call us on 0113 244-1-444.