Thursday 24 December 2020

Is travelling by taxi safer than using public transport during Covid?

In short – yes! We’ve all seen the images shared in the news and on social media that show people crammed into trains or on buses in busy cities such as London and Leeds. It can be impossible to socially distance and you’re exposed to dozens of people who may or may not have the virus – many of whom don’t wear face masks.

With a private hire taxi in Leeds you can carry out essential journeys in a far more secure environment. Your driver will wear a mask and will insist you do too for the safety of both parties. And there will be no strangers travelling with you. If it makes you feel safer, you can sanitise your hands before and after the journey and you can even wipe down the seatbelt. But be assured that all our drivers are following government guidelines for cleanliness.

We’re all being told to stay inside but some journeys can’t be avoided. For safe travel during the pandemic we’re your best bet for local taxi hire Leeds. Pre-book or just call when you need us. The choice is yours.